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00355 674705037 Mon - Fri 07:30 - 18:00 Sat 7:30-12:00 Street Halit Bajraktari Shkoder - Albania


Description Touch-Screen Panel

IE series operator panel designed around the powerful Cortex A8 600MHz processors that allow high performance even in the management of very complex projects. Interfaceability is ensured by the serial presence of 2 serial communication ports (RS232 / 485), one of which can be configured with MPI protocol and by the Ethernet port through which it is possible to support all the most widespread ETHERNET industrial protocols. On all iE series panels there are also always one or two USB ports. The graphic interface is completely configurable through the EasybuilderPro design platform, a powerful editor with advanced development tools and a simple and intuitive user interface.
 The extended flash memory area of ​​the microprocessor allows saving of the graphic pages, the operator interface and the PLC program.
 The iE series operator terminals can be combined with the ELAP Nexus Box and Vega Box PLC controls to develop articulated control systems.
• High resolution 16.2M color TFT display – LED backlit
• 7 “display
• CORTEX A8 600MHz processor
• 128 MB RAM memory
• 128 Mb Flash memory
• RS232 / RS485 serial communication ports
• Ethernet port
• USB port

Software development

Our company produces PLC software for the automation of plants served by already existing electrical panels, aimed at carrying out different functions:
– Supervision
– HMI – touch screen/operator panels
PLC of the SIEMENS brand and we guarantee consulting, technical testing and software refinement at the customer’s premises.
The step of getting machinery up and working both in Italy and abroad is always completed by issuing detailed documentation in electronic and paper form.

Supervision systems

We also tailor-design supervision software for the control and management of production processes through the use of PLC and/or industrial PC that allow for the monitoring, archiving, analysis and printing of process data thanks to the graphic operator panels and touch screen.

HMI – touch screen/operator panels

We make extensive use of 3rd-party HMI (Human Machine Interface) products on the basis of which we realize the graphics for the synoptic panels of the plants through which we guarantee the effective management, control of the complete system- and/or machine-related diagnostic backup.

Control systems for micro interruptions

We realize automatic systems to rectify any micro-interruptions in the electric energy, as such interruptions are the primary cause of downtime and inefficiencies in production. Thanks to the stress afforded to energy analysis initiatives we are able to identify energy-related inefficiencies and come up with more sustainable alternatives, also financially speaking.

Implants on demand

We specialize in the construction of electrical panels based on custom designs, following the customer from the analysis of the problem to the proposal of solutions that are not only targeted and optimized but also tailored to customer company needs.
Our technicians are able to assist the customer in the most complex strategic and logistical choices, providing all the necessary professional and documentation assistance for the realization of both turnkey systems and integrated solutions.