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Code Power at 230V Thermal Protection (A)
AEDM1D HP-0,5/3    KW-0,37/2,2  0,5 – 20



Topographic electronic card


IP55, PVC plastic cabinet, dimensions 380x300x120mm
Door interlock switch-disconnector
Electronic card
Ammetric control with TA
230V/12V safety vtrasformer for auxiliary circuit
Auxiliary circuit fuses
Man - 0 - aut selector
Acoustic and visual alarm
Safety battery with battery charge
Working level probe input
Stop level probe input
Input of too much low level proble
Input of too much full level proble
Terminal board and cable clamps
Voltage 230V (1P+N) 50 - 60 Hz
Certification and electric layout
User manual


Auxiliary contact for klixon

Instruction manual electronic board ADAP-AEM



Technical date

Electronic setting of level relay sensibility (1 - 50 kΩ)
Electronic setting of current (1 - 22 A)
Electronic setting of start delay time for overload current (0 - 10 sec.)
Control of inputs with protection against electric and electrostatic discharge
MAN - 0 - AUT selector switch
Warning leds for power-in
Warning leds for run, motor damage
Warning blinking leds for minimum level and too much full level
Output for motor supply with relay 30 A - 250V
Output for alarm with relay 16 A - 250V NO-C-NC
Input low voltage for external controller (5V)
Lowest current on inputs (< di 0,5 mA)
No-bouncing inputs controlled by software
Electronic control against false starts for momentary fall of voltage
Automatic managing of the start at the return of voltage
Setting of fast start / stop of the motor
Micropocessor with anti-lock software
Protection with fuses and varistor on the motor and on the electronic card
Relay protection with varistor
Input for external thermal protection
Input for working probes, security probes and too much full level