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Code Power at 400V Thermal Protection (A)
AEDT2P00750 HP-0,5/10   KW-0,37/7,5 0,5 – 32
AEDT2P01100 HP-0,5/15   KW-0,37/11 0,5 – 32



Topographic electronic card


Electronic control panel for start and control of two three phase motors or electric pumps, with self-retention, level relay, electronic adjustrable ammettic control and motors exchanger
IP55, PVC plastic cabinet, dimensions 300x220x120mm
Door interlock switch-disconnector
Electronic Card
Ammetric control with TA
Man - 0 - aut modality
Terminal board and cable clamps
Voltage 400V (3P) 50 - 60 Hz
Certification and electric layout
User manual

Technical data

Electronic control with micotrpocessor
Control of inputs with protection against electric and electrostatic discharge
Input tests (RL) and (LMIN) with warning leds
Alternating pumps with a delay between the start of the two pumps
AUT/OFF/RESET push buttons for thermal protection
Non volatile memory
Warning leds for power-in, running motors, alarm, resistive level relay, security probes, overload and automatic operating modality
Electronic setting of level relay sensibility (2 - 20 kOhm)
Different electronic setting of current for both motors (1 - 32A)
Different electronic setting of stop delay timer for both motors (0 - 120 sec.)
Programmable start delay time for motor 2 (0 - 20 sec.)
Electronic setting of start delay time for overload current (0 - 10 sec.) for both motors
Setting of level relay in filling / emptying working modality
Setting of level relay delay (0,1 - 2 sec.)
Possibility of using normal thermal relays controlled by means of microprocessor
Input for low voltage external pressure controllers or level probes(5V)
Lowest current on inputs (< di 0,5 mA)
Galvanically insulated input for level relay
Setting of fast start / stop of the motors
Sequential start / stop of motors (low current of start)
Protection with fuses for both motors