00355 674705037 Mon - Fri 07:30 - 18:00 Sat 7:30-12:00 Street Halit Bajraktari Shkoder - Albania
00355 674705037 Mon - Fri 07:30 - 18:00 Sat 7:30-12:00 Street Halit Bajraktari Shkoder - Albania

About Us

We use the latest technology to provide you the best products on market.

Efficient service by phone or live on the plant.

In the territory of Albania, Surveillance is done almost in the moment.

Italy and other Albanian neighboring countries  is done within 24 up to 48 hours.

Our Story

Our company ADAP Elektrik sh.p.k. born in Albania from the many years of experience of some Italian operators already in the field of electrical panels and industrial automation and in the design of electronic boards.

The company covers the entire national territory with its own sales network and boasts customers in Albania, throughout Italy and in many other countries of Europe and the world.

The range of our products ranges from electromechanical panels (metal, PVC or glass fiber) for direct start-up of pumps and motors (three-phase and single-phase), to electronic panels (single-phase and three-phase) for starting a pump or two or more alternative pumps, with switchboards for stator starting, switchboards for star-delta starting, switchboards for inverter start-up and switchboards for soft starter starting.

Our production also includes electric panels expressly dedicated to a series of special applications such as:

  • waste water drainage systems,
  • pressurization systems,
  • fire-fighting systems EN 12845 – UNI10779 and NFPA20,

Any other type of electrical panel for starting pumps and motors, for the distribution of BT, for remote management or remote control of different plants by PLC, can be designed and built by us according to customer specifications or simply realized on the client’s project. Our company uses the main ABB brands for contactors, timers, etc.

As far as the PLC is concerned, we use Siemens as the main brand and use Weintek as the Touch-Sceem operator panel.

Our company ADAP Elektrik sh.p.k offers efficiency assistance by phone or directly to the impiant. In Albania intervention is immediately while in Italy and for other countries near Albania the intervention comes 24 to max 48 hours

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